Visiting the Maremma Nature Park

Tuscany is not only about artistic towns, hilly countryside and historic museums. The Tuscany you don’t expect also features the mesmerizing Maremma Nature Park (also called Uccellina Park), which covers an area of 9000 hectares along 25 km of coast from the Ombrone River up to Talamone.

The pristine landscape here transforms from marshland to farmland and grazing pastures, all the way to sandy beaches and rugged cliffs on the coast. The ridge of the Uccellina Hills crosses the park, which has its highest peak at Poggio Lecci (417 m).

Maremma Park, photos from

The vegetation in the park is rich and varied, featuring Holm oaks, strawberry trees, Lentiscus shrubs and palustrine plants that thrive with salty waters. The few areas that have been touched by man include olive groves and maritime pine trees.

The fauna surprises you at almost every corner of the park. In the farm lands, the typical Maremma cattle and horses are bred free. Here you can also find massive wild boars, hares and porcupines. The forest features roe bucks and foxes. The humid area is home to ducks, wild geese and nutria beavers. Finally, the rocky areas hosts skunks, wild cats, weasels and foxes, among so many other animal species that you find across the whole park, which is also ideal for bird watching all year long.

Have a look at these amazing images!

Inspired by Maremmans’ Blog 
Official website of Parco della Maremma


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