Francesca Cooks: Pasta of the Maremma

Francesca shares a recipe she tried while in Maremma Tuscany: a fabulous pasta cooked in a seafood broth.

Francesca Bergamasco

Lunch on the Tuscan Coast Beautiful mid-week day in June.

Having lunch on the Tuscan Coast Pasta on the seaside. Bellissimo!

When I was in Italy a couple of months ago, I had a fabulous pasta that was cooked in a seafood broth. When I say this what I mean is that the pasta was not cooked separately and then tossed in the broth. It was cooked in the broth. The ingredients were simple. The taste was rich, amazing. Unforgettable. I came home determined to replicate the dish. It’s taken six tries and two months, but here it is. And it was worth every minute of effort.

I have spent a great deal of time in Italy in the last two years. Certainly, the way I cook Italian food has changed dramatically. I’ve taken lessons with a wonderful woman in Florence — Firenze, and she has been like having an Italian, I would say Mom, but really more like a big…

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