Strolling through pretty Capalbio

Capalbio is a lovely medieval village in southern Tuscany. Perched on top of a hill, it overlooks the surrounding Maremma countryside with vineyards, the Mediterranean scrub and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Capalbio panorama, Maremma Tuscany

The amazing panorama & landscape around Capalbio

During the Middle Ages, it belonged to the Aldobrandeschi family, then the Orsini Counts, and later it was annexed to the Sienese Republic. When the territory was turned over to Cosimo dei Medici, it began a slow demographic and economic decline. This led to the onset of the banditry, which plagued the Maremma for a great number of years.

Butteri cowboys ride near Capalbio

Butteri cowboys ride near Capalbio

Today, the town’s medieval structure is almost completely intact. You can appreciate its charm by walking along the narrow streets in the historic center, along the massive walls (the path of the ancient patrol), and at the Sienese entrance gate with 15-century wooden doors. Do not miss Chiesa di San Nicola, dating back to the Middle Ages and featuring beautiful frescoes; and the Renaissance-style Palazzo Collacchioni in the historic center.

Capalbio Ancient city walls

Patrolling the Ancient city walls

In the vicinity of Capalbio, you can visit the WWF Oasis of Lake Burano, the Tarot Garden, a number of wineries, and the beaches of Chiarore, Macchiatonda and la Torba. Many vineyards in the area produce the Capalbio DOC wines, which come in all forms: red, white, rosé and even Vin Santo (dessert wine).

Capalbio Sunset

Romantic at Sunset!

Every year, Capalbio hosts a number of small but prestigious culture and artistic events, such as Capalbio Cinema International Short Film Festival, and PhC Capalbiofotografia.

Capalbio is one of the region’s main artisanal and artistic centers. Among the cultural local initiatives is Capalbio Arte, which was created to promote handmade crafts.


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Christmas Dessert Recipes from Maremma Tuscany

Learn how to cook the Pagnottella di Natale, a Christmas Loaf that is typical from the sea village of Porto Santo Stefano – and the Castagnaccio di Saturnia, a chestnut flour cake from the countryside. Click here for the entire article & recipes


This is the time of year when desserts have that particular and irresistible aura about them… especially in Italy, where you can rarely go wrong with pastry!

Things are no different in Maremma, where the seasonal dishes make Christmas extra special and delicious. To sweeten up your last days of the year, whether you are in southern Tuscany or elsewhere, here are two of our favorite local specialties!

Pagnottella di Natale

A Christmas Loaf that is typical from the sea village of Porto Santo Stefano.

Pagnottella di Natale, image from Pagnottella di Natale, image from

The ingredients:

  • 1 kg flour
  • 1 kg dry figs
  • 1 kg peeled almond
  • 400 gr raisins
  • ½ kg walnuts
  • ½ kg hazelnuts
  • 100 gr pine nuts
  • Orange peel cut into small pieces
  • 100 gr jam
  • Cinnamon aroma
  • 50 gr yeast (Italian lievito di birra)

How to cook it:
Cut the dry figs and the orange peel into small pieces…

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