San Bruzio: ruins of a Romanic Church in Maremma

San Bruzio Way by Ugo_Oybaff on

“San Bruzio: Milky Way in Magliano in Toscana” by Ugo Oybaff

San Bruzio is one of the most refined Romanic monuments of Maremma. The monks of the Order of Saint Benedict dedicated the church to San Tiburzio, and its construction was completed towards the end of the XII century.

Monastero di San Bruzio, Magliano in Toscana (GR).jpg

Photo by Loki_racer ( CC BY-SA 4.0 Wikimedia Commons)

The evocative ruins of this beautiful church are located in the countryside 2 km away from Magliano in Toscana in southern Tuscany. The remains of the monastic complex include the presbytery surmounted by an octagonal ciborium that once supported the roof, parts of the transept and parts of the apse.

A few decorations have also survived, with some of the column capitals, and a small number of bas-reliefs and sculptures, some of the first examples ever of Gothic style.


InstaTaste: Gustatus as seen by visitors

The wine and food festival called “Gustatus: The Sense of Taste” took place from 29 October to 1 November 2015 in the lagoon town of Orbetello.

The event’s mission is to promote Maremma’s wine and food delicacies, along with their cultural and folkloric traditions. It involved guided tastings, workshops, conferences, and events linked to local products.

Here are some shots of the Instagram feed of photos taken by visitors!

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