Maremma Fusion Cuisine: Friggitelli Tempura recipe

Do you think that Tuscan cuisine is all about ribollita, pappa al pomodoro and Fiorentina steak? Think again! Here is an example of fusion cuisine proposed by Chef Nicola Angelini from the Dama Dama Restaurant in Porto Ercole, one of the sea villages located in rustic Maremma Tuscany.

Fusion cuisine from rustic Maremma Tuscany: Tempura of friggitelli peppers with creamy codfish and pepper mayonnaise

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Fall fire & food celebrations in Maremma

In the next few days, small villages around Maremma Tuscany will offer a variety of wine & food festivals, as well as fire rituals to remember the martyrdom of Saint Catherine. These traditional events celebrate local eno-gastronomy, the colors and flavors of autumn, and the territory’s history through mixed Christian and profane symbolisms. Let’s have a look at two of the most characteristic events in the upcoming days!

End of Autumn Celebrations for Foodies

The small village of San Giovanni delle Contee, near Sorano, will be bustling with activities on the days 21, 22, 23 and 25 of November. Wineries will open up to the public to allow for tastings of new wine, new olive oil and local specialties. There will be music, a tombola raffle and fireworks. The occasion? Celebrating autumn and Saint Catherine. Here is a more detailed program:

San Giovanni delle Contee winery, Tuscany

Winery entrance – image from Circolo L’Impronta

Friday 21
Wineries open at 19:30 – tastings of typical local products and wines
At 22:00, warm up with a 70s rock dance concert!

Saturday 22
Classical music concert by ‘Ensemble Classica Trio’ at 17:00 in the local Church
Wineries open at 18:30 – tastings of typical local products and wines
Itinerant music by the streets from 22:00 with the drums of Pitigliano and then blues music

Sunday 23
At 17:45, stories will be told about the local participation in the world wars.
At 19:30, an apericena (a mix of aperitif with dinner) will take place in the parish hall, followed by tombola raffle

Tuesday 25
Mass at 18:00
Local products’ tasting in the parish hall, followed by fireworks.


Fire ritual in Maremma Tuscany

Focarazza Fire Festival

On the 24th and 25th of November, the small village of Santa Caterina (Roccalbegna – Mount Amiata area) celebrates the ancient Focarazza ritual, in memory of Saint Catherine of Alexandria and a historic victory achieved by the locals in a battle against Siena on the Saint’s feast day. You can read more on our article “Focarazza fire ritual: sacred meets profane in Tuscany

Foodie Blog: A piece of my Maremma Tuscany

Soup with 'prugnolo' bean from Sorano

Soup with ‘prugnolo’ bean from Sorano – Image from

If you are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, you know that you need to look no further than the internet! But with so many websites to pick from, it might actually be hard to focus on something and get things done.

Since we have bragged more than once (through occasional recipes and videos) about how delicious the cuisine from the Maremma Tuscany is, today we are backing up our claims by sharing a blog that is a fantastic and rich resource of local recipes. It is called Un pezzo della mia Maremma (a piece of my Maremma).

The food blogger behind the blog is Tamara Giorgetti, originally from the town is considered as the capital of the Maremma – Grosseto. It goes without saying the author has one big passion: cooking! And she shares all her knowledge about Tuscan recipes through the Web on different food networks.

Tamara’s Blog is in Italian, although a Google Translation button will translate the text quite accurately. You will have to interpret some words here and there, especially in the introductory text to the recipes. But once the ingredients are listed and the preparation explained, things go quite smoothly.

Enjoy in the kitchen and, once at the table, buon appetito!

Ravioli with smoked aubergine

Ravioli with smoked aubergine – Image from