Foodie Blog: A piece of my Maremma Tuscany

Soup with 'prugnolo' bean from Sorano

Soup with ‘prugnolo’ bean from Sorano – Image from

If you are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, you know that you need to look no further than the internet! But with so many websites to pick from, it might actually be hard to focus on something and get things done.

Since we have bragged more than once (through occasional recipes and videos) about how delicious the cuisine from the Maremma Tuscany is, today we are backing up our claims by sharing a blog that is a fantastic and rich resource of local recipes. It is called Un pezzo della mia Maremma (a piece of my Maremma).

The food blogger behind the blog is Tamara Giorgetti, originally from the town is considered as the capital of the Maremma – Grosseto. It goes without saying the author has one big passion: cooking! And she shares all her knowledge about Tuscan recipes through the Web on different food networks.

Tamara’s Blog is in Italian, although a Google Translation button will translate the text quite accurately. You will have to interpret some words here and there, especially in the introductory text to the recipes. But once the ingredients are listed and the preparation explained, things go quite smoothly.

Enjoy in the kitchen and, once at the table, buon appetito!

Ravioli with smoked aubergine

Ravioli with smoked aubergine – Image from


Argentario Dance Festival: international competition takes place in Tuscany

Argentario Dance Festival, Tuscany

An international dance competition is currently taking place in the beautiful seaside village of Porto Santo Stefano in the Maremma Tuscany. The Argentario Dance Festival gathers hundreds of young dancers from Italy and abroad, including talents from the USA, UK, France, Poland and Russia.

Directed by choreographer Claudio Rocco, the 6th edition of the dance festival runs from the 4th to the 7th of September 2014 in the Seaside Theater (Teatro al Mare). Four days of dance and cultural interchange promoting the discovery of the territory through a series of touristic and cultural activities that complete the program of Argentario Dance Festival.

Argentario Dance Festival, Tuscany

The following will be competing: soloist and groups in the categories of Ballet, Contemporary dance, Modern jazz and Hip-hop. The best choreography and dancers will be crowned at the end. The event will also welcome international ballet star Antonio Sutera, who will perform twice.

More information on

Images are a courtesy of Argentario Dance Festival

Argentario: Mediterranean in all senses

A brand new website has just been launched to highlight the beauties of the Argentario Promontory in all its glory, through amazing images taken by photographer Andrea de Maria.

The photographic website is divided into thematic areas, including:
Not only summer, i.e. all that you can enjoy during fall and winter, when this beach & coastal region has typically few tourists and yet so much to offer

The Argentario Coast, TuscanyThe Coast and its beautiful beaches

Argentario, seaside craftsArts & Crafts, especially tied to the nautical world and fishing

Argentario underwater world, TuscanyNature, both on land and in the underwater world

Monte Argentario, history & folklore, TuscanyHistory & Folklore, such as the Palio Marinaro and the origins of the majestic Spanish Forts

Monte Argentario vineyards, TuscanyCooking & Wines, with photos of local fish dishes such as the Mediterranean horse mackerel with honey and Spiny dye-murex tagliatelle

Argentario Golf Club, Maremma TuscanySports, such as scuba diving, sailing, fold, cycling, hiking, polo

Porto Santo Stefano fireworks, Maremma TuscanyEvents and even a list of accommodations & restaurants.

Have a look at this beautiful website and the inviting images! Check it out

All images: courtesy of Andrea de Maria and